CROISIERE LOIRE is a sport and tourism rally-cruise which is intended for small sail and oar craft. This yearly event aims at restoring and promoting environmental and leasure sailing on the river Loire.

Organised by the Croisière Loire Association which is composed of sailors of small craft as well as the inhabitants of the Loire Valley.

This event invites participants from all over Europe will take place July 3-8. 2005.

The itinerary covers a distance of about 150 Km. Participants will sail and row up from Bréhémont (Langeais) to Oudon. The flotilla will be limited to about 20 boats with 60 participants.

Admission is by selective entry in order to endow an international nature of the event. Early applications receive first consideration


Every day the rally cruise is split in two legs, (two half days) with a lunch stop. The route for each day will be at a daily skipper's briefing. The stages maybe raced either by only sailing or only rowing, or by both.

At this time of the year is marked with beacons From Candies to Nantes. The Loire estuary begins in Nantes.

The total route is divided into 6 stages:

03/: Brehemont-Chouzé sur Loire; 04: Chouzé-Montsorreau-Saumur; 05: Saumur-Cunault-La Ménitré; 06:: La Ménitré-Les Ponts de Cée-Béhuard; 07: Béhuard-Montjean-Saint-Florent Le Vieil ;08: Saint-Florent Le Vieil-Ancenis-Oudon;

CROISIERE LOIRE is a water sports and touristic event. Due to the nature of the river and the beauty of the area, it is not a race. Therefore races with sail and oar will be organised at the scalls in order to ensure a friendly classification at arrival.

Each participant will be informed of the racing sail and oar rules.


All participants will be committed to safety rules, crews will be notified of rules applied for the Loire navigation at crew's briefings. Each boat skipper will have to sign up an attendance sheet with a full description of its crew before each leg.

Several safety motorboats will ensure the safety of the participants all along the course. On the fourth stage piloting will be organized at "Les Punts de Cée", the only spot with small difficulty.

At any time and following the decision of the safety committee participants will have to submit to towage.

All participants enter CROISIERE LOIRE under their sole responsibility. Skippers and crew on board are fully responsible for damage to a third party. Owners and skippers are expected to cover those and their own civil liabilities by a proper insurance contract. They are expected to present an insurance certificate.

Each crew has to supply a medical certificate.


All participants are responsible for their accommodation and charges. Yet CROISIERE LOIRE will ensure the booking according to the requests of the participants (which have to be expressed as soon as possible) bearing on mind the constraints due to the summer holiday season. Overnight stops will be located on the riverside in camping sights or on river's islands. Participants will have to provide all necessary equipment needed for these conditions (tents +sleeping bags).

CROISIERE LOIRE will provide catering for all participants on the basis of three meals/a day. Particular attention will be given to the choice of food and drink during the rally-cruise.


CROISIERE LOIRE aims at offering a great opportunity to visit the Loire Valley renowned throughout the world for its landscapes, its architecture, its vineyards and its gastronomy. Crew members will be able to discover old charming villages, Loire Valley's châteaux, cave dwellings and more...Each stage will be the occasion to visit remarkable sites and to experience the local hospitality.


Croisière Loire...

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In partnership with Raid Finland et Sail Caledonia